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Q&As Support

From this page you can access all Q&A entries published on the ECHA website. The entries are grouped by topic (REACH, CLP, REACH-IT, IUCLID and CHESAR) and then broken down by scope (e.g. general, registration, authorisation, data sharing etc.).

When you click on a topic or a scope, the group of Q&As related to this topic and/or scope is displayed, first with the Helpdesk FAQs and then the Q&As, all grouped by unique ID.

The Questions and Answers (Q&As) have been prepared and agreed internally within ECHA and, when relevant, in consultation with the European Commission and the Member States.

In some cases, the European Commission has originally prepared the Q&As in consultation with the Member States and handed them over to ECHA.

FAQ icon

If an entry is a Helpdesk FAQ, a specific icon is displayed next to the question.

Questions marked as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) originate from those asked to the national helpdesks and the ECHA Helpdesk. They have been agreed between ECHA, the national helpdesks and the European Commission.

Q&As Support

Unique ID

A new unique ID is assigned to all Q&A and FAQ pairs. An initial version history (1.0) has been set.

Any updated Q&A pairs will have an updated version history number (i.e. 1.1).

New Q&A pairs will have a brand new unique ID.

If you need to find the respective new unique ID from the previous numerical reference of the Q&A and FAQ, please check the transitional table.

Search for a Q&A or a FAQ

You are able to search for existing Q&A or FAQ entries published on the ECHA website through the search functionality.

The system asks you to provide one or more of the following search criteria: unique numerical ID; topic; scope; keywords (free text) to search within the question and the answer; flag (if the entry is a Q&A or an FAQ) and tags.

FAQs will always be displayed first and then Q&As, all grouped by unique ID.

You are able to select a Q&A or FAQ pair and view its details.