SCIP Factsheet

SCIP Factsheet

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Article Factsheet - Last updated 14-01-2022

Hand blender 3577

Other: SM 3577
Brand: Clatronic


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Substance name(s) Reason for inclusion
Lead Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)

Article name
Hand blender 3577

Other names

  1. Brand

Primary article identifier type

Primary article identifier value
SM 3577

Article category

8509400000 - SECTION XVI (84 - 85) Machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment; parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles > ELECTRICAL MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT AND PARTS THEREOF; SOUND RECORDERS AND REPRODUCERS, TELEVISION IMAGE AND SOUND RECORDERS AND REPRODUCERS, AND PARTS AND ACCESSORIES OF SUCH ARTICLES > Electromechanical domestic appliances, with self-contained electric motor, other than vacuum cleaners of heading|8508 > Food grinders and mixers; fruit or vegetable juice extractors

Production or import in European Union or EEA
EU or EEA imported

The identification of the Candidate List substance is sufficient to allow safe use of the article throughout the whole life cycle including service life, disassembly and waste/recycling stage