22/07/2015 - Priopćenje za javnost

First applications for Union authorisation submitted to ECHA

The first two applications for Union authorisation of biocidal products have recently been submitted to ECHA according to the procedure established by the Biocidal Products Regulation.


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Zahtjevi za autorizaciju

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Početni datum: 18/03/2015 Rok: 18/09/2015
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Početni datum: 18/06/2015 Rok: 18/12/2015
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Početni datum: 31/07/2015 Rok: 14/09/2015
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Početni datum: 07/08/2015 Rok: 22/09/2015
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Početni datum: 28/07/2015 Rok: 11/09/2015
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