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Water solubility

After a 39fold weekly elution of coal-tar pitch powder from a percolation column, the total cumulative amount of water-extractable EPA PAHs amounted to approx. 370 µg/10g (= ~0.004 %). The water-soluble fraction of single PAHs remained far below their theoretical water solubilities, which confirms that freely available PAHs got gradually depleted.

After eluting 100 mg/L of coal-tar pitch in a cycling system, less than 2 µg/L of 16 EPA-PAH were measured in the eluate.

Stability / Degradation

Coal-tar pitch is highly stable under environmental conditions: It is not volatile, not hydrolysable, and not biodegradable.


As coal-tar pitch consists of a high-molecular chemical matrix structure that is highly water insoluble (< 2 µg Sum PAH/L, << 1mg C/L loading 100 mg/L), the material cannot pass biological membranes due to its complex matrix structure, and hence is not bioaccumulating.


Pitch particles are expected to interfere and mix with sediment and soil matter with no or little tendency of mobility.