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The substance is an organic solid, white odourless powder. No melting / boiling point exist for potassium sorbate at atmospheric pressure as it decomposes prior to melting / boiling.  Its relative density is 1.36 at 23°C (compared to water). It has a vapor pressure of 1.0 * 10^-7hPa at 20 °C.

The median particle size L50 of the test item deduced from the particle size distributions is 259.56 µm. The particle sizes L10 and L90 of the test item deduced from the particle size distribution is 5 µm and 1140.0 µm, respectively.

Potassium sorbate is soluble in water with a water solubility of 1.95 g/L and a log Po/w of 1.32 (at pH 2.5) and -1.72 (at pH 6.5).

The relative self-ignition temperature of potassium sorbate is 178 °C. Potassium sorbate is not highly flammable and no explosive or oxidising properties are expected due to its chemical structure.

The pKa of potassium sorbate in aqueous solution at 20 °C was determined to be 4.69 +/- 0.03.