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In the following table an overview is given for the available freshwater ecotoxicity data of the registration substance.

Table       Acute freshwater ecotoxicity data for the registration substance

 Test type Guideline Species  Endpoint Value  Remark 
 Acute Fish  OECD 203 Danio rerio  LC50 (96h) LC 0 (96h) 210 mg/L139 mg/L  read across from Polyethylene glycol dibutyl ether (CAS No. 31885 -97 -9) 
 Acute Daphnia OECD 202  Daphnia magna  EC50 (48h)EC10 (48h)  42.5 mg/L 28.5 mg/L  
 Algae OECD 201  Desmodesmus sups. ErC50 (72h)ErC10 (72h) 41.3 mg/L 16.1 mg/L  
 Sludge respir, inhib. OECD 209   Non-adapted sludge EC50 (3h)EC10 (3h) NOEC (3h) 769 mg/L183 mg/L125 mg/L   

For the registration substance fish is the least and algae the most sensitive species tested in acute freshwater tests.