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Summary of phys.chem. key parameters:

 Phys.-chem. Property  Key parameter  Remarks

Appearance/phys. state/ colour

clear, light yellow, homogenous liquid


101,3 kPa 

Melting point

 -4 to +2°C

101,3 kPa

Boiling point

onset of decomposition: 355°C



0,9657 g/cm3

Vapour pressure <0,001 Pa calculated from molecular structureT: 20°C
Partition coefficient LogPow 3,3  23°C
Water solubility 25 mg/L   20°C
Surface tension 45 -52 mN/m  20°C; 90% saturation concentration
Flash point 207°C 101,3 kPa
Flammability none  
Explosiveness none  
Oxidising properties none  
Diss. constant 13 -13,7  25°Ccalculated from molecular structure
Viscosity 650  mPas (dynamic)