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The substance, 3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,8-Tridecafluorooctyl acrylate, is an organic colorless liquid with a weak, characteristic odour, which complete solidification occurred only at -80 °C and boils at 210.2°C in a range of pressure of 99634 - 99825 Pa.

The substance is more dense than water with a density of 1.5585 g/cm3at 20°C. The substance has a vapor pressure of 208 Pa and 259 Pa at 20°C and 25°C, respectively. The substance is reported to be slightly soluble in water (0.185 mg/L at 25°C) and has a measured n-octanol/water partition coefficient (log Kow) of 5.067 at 25°C. The substance is not flammable, with a flash point of 94.5°C and a temperature of auto flammability of 360°C. The substance does not possess oxidizing or explosive properties.