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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Data were mainly retrieved from studies with read across substance "methylphosphonic acid, compound with amidinourea (1:1)" (MPAAU), EC# 282-758-4, CAS# 84402-58-4 representing the neutralized salt form of MPA. Due to lack of inherent biodegradability in a valid Zahn-Wellens-Test the substance shall be considered as persistent for the PBT discussion. Screening assignment "not (v)B" shall be applied based on log Kow of -1.5559. Based on evidence retrieved from studies with the read across substance MPAAU, the registered substance is not classified as CMR and not classified according to its repeated dose toxicity. Available long-term and short-term aquatic studies with all three trophic levels revealed effect levels well above the trigger values. Based on these results the substance shall be considered as "not T".