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Biodegradation in water:

3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid is 50% biodegradable in water in 38 days (half-life). This value indicates that 3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid is readily biodegradable in water since the half life is not more than the EPA criteria of >= 60 days (to qualify the chemical as persistent).

Also from the other weight of evidence study it is found that the substance is 69.9% degradable in 28 days which also supports the classification of the substance as not persistent in water.

Hence, it can be concluded that the substance 3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid is not persistent in water

Endpoint value unit Days


 % degradation 50  %   in 38days
 2  %degradation  69.9  %  in 28 days

Biodegradation in water and sediments:

Based on level III fugacity model the half life period of3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acidwas estimated.

Half life period of3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acidin water was observed to be 38 days while in sediment it is 340 days.

Based on these half life values it is concluded that3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acidis readily biodegradable (non persistent) in water where as it is non biodegradable (persistent) in sediment. However it can be observed that3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic aciddoes not diffuse in the sediment medium since its percentage in the sediment medium is reported to be 0% and hence persistence in the sediment medium is not likely to be critical


Half life(days)

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Biodegradation in soil:

The PBT Profiler & EPI Suite has estimated that 3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid is expected to be found predominantly in soil and its persistence estimate is based on its availability in this medium. Its half-life in soil, 1800 hrs (75 days). This exceeds the EPA criteria of >= 2 months (and <= 6 months). Therefore, 3-acetamido-5-amino-4-hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid is estimated to be persistent in the soil environment.


Half life(days)

Percent in each medium