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Note: The ecotoxicological tests reported below have been conducted twice. In the initial notification process dissolution additives were used, however, it could be demonstrated that the test item was disintegrated under these conditions.

After discussion and in agreement with the German BAuA/UBA a novel preparation strategy was used addressing a more gentle stirring of the test item in the solvent and avoiding the use of additives. Thus in the datasets for 6.1.1, 6.1.3 and 6.1.5 two tests each are found. The data relevant for risk assessment were derived from the second test (repeat test) and are as follows (see 2 to 4).

Findings for the test item and its degradation products:

1) There is no indication for any inhibition of microbial activity (3 h NOEC = 100 mg/L, 3 h EC50 > 100 mg/L).

2) Short-term: fish test (96 h-EC50) >100 mg/L, daphnia test (48 h-EC50 = 3.0 mg/L) and algal toxicity test (72 h-ErC50 >200 mg/L).

3) The long-term daphnia test resulted in an NOEC = 3.85 mg/L