Registration Dossier

Administrative data

Hazard for aquatic organisms

Sediment (marine water)

Hazard assessment conclusion:
insufficient hazard data available (further information necessary)

Hazard for air

Hazard for terrestrial organisms

Hazard for predators

Secondary poisoning

Hazard assessment conclusion:
no potential for bioaccumulation

Additional information

Conclusion on classification

Information on the substance and its hydrolysis product are relevant for the classification of the substance:

  • The acute aquatic toxicity of the substance is above the water solubility.
  • It is proposed to consider the fast hydrolysis (dissipation half-life less than 12 h) of the substance as evidence of rapid degradation in the aquatic environment.
  • The hydrolysis product does not exhibit acute aquatic toxicity at 100 mg/l and has a low log KOW(<4.0). The predicted long-term aquatic toxicity values (NOEC) are higher than 1 mg/l, indicating that DMSD will not show chronic toxicity.
To conclude, it is proposed that D3 should not be classified in the EU for acute or chronic toxicity.