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Acute toxicity to fish (Oryzias latipes) was conducted according to OECD-Guideline 203. After 96 hours of exposure an LC50 of 2.7 mg/L was obtained.

(MITI, 2002)

Acute toxicity to Daphmia magna was conducted accroding to OECD-Guideline 202. After 48 hours of exposure an EC50 of 3.0 mg/L was obtained.

(MITI, 2002)

The toxicity to microorganisms Pseudomonas putida was conducted according to Robra test (O2 consumption). After 30 min. of exposure an EC0 of >= 1.25 mg/L was obtained.

(Bayer AG, 1984)

Toxicity to alga Pseudokirchnerella subcapitata (reported as Selenastrum capricornutum) was conducted according to OECD-Guideline 201. After 72 hours of exposure an EC50 (growth rate) of 1.9 mg/L was obtained.

(MITI, 2002)

Long-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates (Daphnia magna) was determined in a test conducted according to OECD-Guideline 211 (Reproduction test). A 21 day NOEC of 0.25 mg/L and a 21 day EC50 of 0.59 mg/L was obtained.

(MITI, 2002)