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A complete set of physico-chemical data is available for the submission substance.






Physical state at 20°C and 1013 hPa

At room temperature the test substance is a light yellow liquid.

The test substance was found to be a light yellow liquid with non-specific odour.

Melting / freezing point

Melting point: 0 °C

The melting point was determined with a valid method.

Boiling point

The test substance has a boiling point of 226.8 °C.

The boiling point was determined with a valid method.

Relative density

The test substance has a density of 1.092 g/mL at 20 °C.

The density of the test substance was determined with a valid method.

Vapour pressure

Vapour pressure at 25 °C: 0.1 hPa

The vapour pressure of the test item was determined in a guideline study (OECD TG 104) with the dynamic method.

Surface tension

Surface tension: not necessary (surface activity is neither expected/predicted from structure nor desired)


Water solubility

Water solubility: very soluble (14 g/L at 20 °C)

The water solubility was determined according to OECD TG 105 and the results are reliable.

Partition coefficient n-octanol/water (log value)

log Pow : 1.16 (23 °C)

The log Pow of o-Anisidine was determined in a valid study according to OECD TG 107.

Flash point

Flash point: 110 °C.

The flash point of the test substance was determined with a valid method.


Flash point: 110 °C (see section 4.11). Non flammable liquid.

The flammability of o-Anisidine is given by its flash point. The flash point was determined based on a guideline method and is reliable.

Explosive properties

Explosiveness: not applicable (no chemical groups associated with explosive properties).


Self-ignition temperature

Self-ignition temperature (atm. pressure): 400 °C

The test item has an self-ignition temperature of 400 °C according to theRegulation (EC) No. 440/2008 Method A.15.Auto-Flammability (Self-Ignition Temperature of Liquids and of Volatile Gases).

Oxidising properties

Oxidising properties: waiving based on chemical structure.



Particle size: not applicable (test substance is a liquid).



Viscosity: 4.68 mPa s (20 °C)

The viscosity of the test substance was determined based on a guideline method.