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Based on widely available data from multiple handbooks and manufacturers information, which as a whole can be considered reliable, the following physicochemical information can be derived:

 Appearance/physical state/colour  Colourless liquid, faint odour
 Melting point (@101325Pa)  254K
 Boiling point (@101325Pa)  529K
 Density (@20C)  1020kg/m3
 Vapour pressure (@298K)  1Pa
 Partition coefficient, logKow (@20C)  -0.5
 Solubility in water (@20C)  1020000mg/l
 Surface tension (1000mg/l in water @20C) 62 -71 mN/m
 Flash point (@101325Pa) >110C
 Autoignition temperature (@101325Pa)  Value from a QSAR
 Flammability  non flammable
 Dissociation constant (pKa)  14.9
 Viscosity (@20C)  7.8mPas

Further justification for the validity of interpolation between similar substances in the homologous series of triethylene glycol ethyl ether in order to meet the data requirements for certain physicochemical end points for 2-(2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethoxy)ethanol are contained in the attached glycol ethers category document in chapter 13 of the lead company registration dossier.