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Valid acute studies similar to international guidelines are available for the three aquatic trophic levels (algae, aquatic invertebrates and fish). Among all data available, no toxic effect was observed for the three aquatic trophic levels.

For the algae,Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata, the 72 -hour ErC50was > 100 mg/Land the NOEC was100 mg/L.

For the aquatic invertebrates,Daphnia magna, the 48 h EC50 value estimated was > 180 mg/L and < 320 mg/L. This may be a physical effect caused by insoluble material.

In addition, the registered substance was not toxic to activated sludge of a municipal sewage treatment plant up to the nominal concentration of 1000 mg/L.

For fish, a 96h-LC50 value higher than CMC is proposed as based on a set of three conflicting studies as no toxic effects were observed up to the highest concentration tested of 10 mg/L for zebrafish and up to 100 mg/L for trout while in a third study effects were seen from 10 mg/L for fathead minnow but not below this level while the test solution was seen to be "creamy" in colour in studies well below this concentration. Based on this result, and additionally that no effects were observed in any other species tested up to >100 mg/L, any effects observed in this study were considered to be physical and not relevant for environmental risk assessment.

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