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Physical & Chemical properties

Endpoint summary

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Description of key information

Physico-chemical properties of the substance were determined from experimental testing, or from data on constituents where testing was not relevant or feasible for a multiconstituent substance. Some endpoints were waived, based on chemical structures.

The substance is a low melting solid, with low volatility. In water, it is insoluble (< 0.1 mg/L) due to the major constituent, and forms cloudy emulsions.

It has potential for bioaccumulation in organisms.

It is NOT considered as dangerous with regard to physical hazards according to CLP criteria.

Additional information

Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties:

Endpoint (method)



White waxy solid.

Melting range

ca 45.5 - 88.9°C

Boiling range

ca 109.6 - 255.6°C; initial bp 131°C

Relative density

D20/4 = 1.011

Vapour pressure

< 1 E-9 Pa for the major constituent, and < 10 Pa for the second one (at 25°C)

Partition coefficient

log Kow = 6.9 for the major constituent, and 0.58 for the second one

Water solubility

< 23 µg/L for the major constituent

Surface tension

Not required, insoluble. However, quaternary ammoniums are surfactants.

Flash Point


Relative self-ignition / Self-heating

Not required, low melting solid.

Contact with air or water

No pyrophoric properties, or release of flammable gas anticipated (waived, based on experience and composition).

Explosive properties

No potential (waived, based on chemical structure of constituents and OB).

Oxidising properties

No potential (based on chemical structure and composition).

Self-reactive properties

No potential (waived, based on chemical structure of constituents)

Organic peroxide

No peroxide in composition.

Note that the numerical parameters may slightly vary from batch-to-batch, due to the multiconstituent nature of the substance.