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oxidising liquids
Data waiving:
study scientifically not necessary / other information available
Justification for data waiving:
the study does not need to be conducted because the substance is incapable of reacting exothermically with combustible materials
Justification for type of information:
According to Regulation (EC) N°1272/2008 (CLP) criteria (Annex I §2.13.4./2.14.4., or as listed in the ECHA endpoint specific guidance on information requirements (R.7a, v6.0, July 2017, §R.7.1.13)), the chemical structure of the major constituent contains oxygen, but this element is chemically bonded only to carbon. It contains also chlorine, bonded to nitrogen, which could trigger an alert, however, considering the substance is a chloride salt, N-Cl is a ionic, therefore weak bond. Nitrogen is under quaternary ammonium form, therefore in low oxidation state; moreover, as presented in IUCLID section 4.14, the Oxygen Balance for this constituent is very low, which supports the lack of reactivity. (ICPH ECB EUR 22311 EN, 2006, §13.2.1.)
In the second major constituent, no element or bond of concern was identified, as well as in known impurities.
Finally, one of the impurity is water, amounting to ca 10%, and will limit the oxidising potential.
Then, all this considered, oxidising properties of the multiconstituent substance are unlikely, and the classification procedure shall not apply, no further testing is required.

Reason / purpose:
data waiving: supporting information

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