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toxicity to soil microorganisms
Type of information:
experimental study planned
Justification for type of information:
The current environmental risk assessment may indicate a potential risk to the soil compartment, due to the apparent chronic toxicity in an earthworm reproduction test and the additional high assessment factor of 100 (1 chronic study). In order to reduce the given uncertainty in the soil compartment, an additional study on soil microorganisms (i.e. nitrogen transformation test, OECD 216) is proposed.
As the above-mentioned testing proposal was concluded based on and as a result of the substance evaluation (i.e. due to a potential environmental risk of the cosmetic use) by the registrant, it is strongly recommended that this testing proposal is assessed by ECHA in light and along with the CORAP evaluation of the substance.

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Materials and methods

Test guideline
according to
OECD Guideline 216 (Soil Microorganisms: Nitrogen Transformation Test)

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