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Farnesene is poorly soluble in water (ECOSAR estimate 11 µg/L) and is not expected to hydrolyse. It is not persistent, as evidenced by up to 61% degradation in 28 days in an OECD 301B study. This is supported by modelled data (EpiSuite v 4.11, BIOWIN v4.10 and BioHCWin v1.01), that predict farnesene will not be readily biodegradable but will be ultimately biodegradable in a period of weeks to months.

Modelled BCF values using CAESAR/Vega 1.0.6 are in the range of 457 - 1479. Based on predicted values of less than 2000 L/kg wet-wt, farnesene is not expected to bioaccumulate.

Farnesene's fully hydrogenated analogue, Farnesane, has been tested in chronic fish and daphnia studies and no toxicity occurred at the limit of water solubility.