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PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The substance has P or vP properties since it is not biodegradable.

The substance has no B or vB properties since the BCF is < 100 and the log Kow is < 4.5.

According to the Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment Chapter R.11: PBT Assessment "a substance is considered to fulfil the toxicity criterion (T) when: the long-term no-observed effect concentration (NOEC) / EC10 for marine or freshwater organisms is less than 0.01 mg/l;." The lowest long-term E(L)C50 was 0.059 mg/L. Hence, there is no indication that the test substance will meet the criteria for T-properties. Furthermore, the substance is not a CMR substance.

Based on the above, the substance has no PBT or vPvB characteristics.