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The physical and chemical properties considered for the hazard assessment of the substance are the following:


Physical state:

highly viscous liquid (1570000 cPs at 20°C)

Melting point:

> 300°C (estimated)

Boiling point:

degrades prior to boiling

Relative density:

0.83 - 1.01 at 20°C

Vapour pressure:

3.44 E-017 Pa (estimated)

Partition coefficient octanol/water:

LogKow = 14 (estimated)

Water solubility:




Dissociation constant:

not relevant

Flash point:


Explosive properties:

not explosive

Oxidising properties:

not oxidising


Fatty acids, C10 -20 neo, reaction products with diethylenetriamine is an UVCB substance. The main component is a mixture of bis-amides, derived from the amidation reaction between Fatty acids, C10-20-neo-, and diethylenetriamine. Fatty acids, C10-20-neo- is a complex mixture of tertiary carboxylic acids, with C19 being the main component. Due to its complex composition, methods for the experimental measurement of physical and chemicals properties are technically not applicable.

Furthermore the substance has surfactant properties, that complicate the measurement of Kow, and the resulting values are inaccurate and of limited utility for determining environmental fate and effects.

Melting point and vapour pressure have been predicted by MPBPWIN v.1.43 software and Partition coefficient octanol/water by KOWWIN v.1.68 software, based on the structure of the main component (bis amide derived from the amidation reaction between C19 neo fatty acid and diethylenetriamine).

Calculated values support the characteristics estimated on the basis of “Fatty acids reactions product with amine” category properties.

Fatty acids, C10 -20 neo, reaction products with diethylenetriamine is insoluble in water; no dissociation and no hydrolysis are to be expected under naturally relevant pH conditions. The substance is not flammable and not oxidizing

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