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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

3-Aminopropyldimethylamine (CAS 109-55-7) is readily biodegradable, based experimental data for the substance itself and supported by read-across to 3-aminopropyldiethylamine (CAS 104-78-9). Therefore, the substance does not fulfil the screening criteria for P/vP substances.

Based on measured log Kow of -0.352 (at 25 °C, BASF AG, 1988, report no.: 122968/02, see IUCLID Ch. 4.7) the bioaccumulation potential is expected to be low.

This assessment is supported by the estimated log D, which was estimated for the dissociated molecule at several pH values (SPARC online calculator; BASF SE, 2020; see IUCLID Ch. 4.7). At pH 7, the log D was estimated to be -3.03 and at pH 9 -1.08. According to REACH Guidance R. (ECHA, 2017; R.7a v6.0), the value for the dissociated molecule determined around pH 7 (log D or log Dow) is considered more realistic for PBT and chemical safety assessment.

Regarding these value, accumulation of the substance in organisms is not to be expected. It should be pointed out that theses values are distinctly smaller than the critical values which would indicate a significant bioaccumulation potential (log Kow < 3) or B/vB properties (log Kow > 4.5).

Referring to the available ecotoxicity data, 3-aminopropyldimethylamine is assessed to be neither acutely nor chronically hazardous to aquatic organisms (L(E)C50≥34 mg/L (Arkema, 2000, report no.: 57/99/A; read-across to 104 -78 -9); NOEC/EC10 >= 3.64 mg/L (BASF SE, 2017, report no.: 51E0340/15E017). The lowest acute EC50 was clearly larger than the screening value of 0.01 mg/L for T substances. The substance does not hold any relevant classification according to Regulation EC no 1272/2008.

In conclusion, 3-aminopropyldimethylamine (CAS 109-55-7) is assessed to neither fulfill the PBT criteria (not PBT) nor the vPvB criteria (not vPvB).

Likely routes of exposure:

Since the substance does not fulfill the PBT and vPvB criteria, no emission characterization is performed.

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