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Appearance: Dimethyl sulfate is a viscous, colourless liquid with an odour of a characteristic substance which contains of a sulfur compound.

Melting point: -32°C (According to the reference dimethyl sulfate decomposes at 188°C.)

Decomposition point: 188 °C (reliable handbook data)

Relative density: 1.33 (approx. 20°C) (reliable handbook data)

Vapour pressure: ≥ 90 Pa at 25°C

Partition coefficient: 0.16 (QSAR calculation KOWWIN v1.67 according to REACH guidance on QSARs R.6, August 2008)

Water solubility: 28 g/L (18°C; no pH given) (reliable handbook data); remark: DMS hydrolyses in water

Surface tension: 40.1 mN/cm at 18°C (surface active properties)

Particle size distribution: This study does not need to be conducted for the test substance, since it is only marked or used in a liquid form (cf. Annex VII section 7.14 Column 2 of regulation (EC) 1907/2006).

Flammability: not flammable

Auto-flammability: 450°C (reliable handbook data)

Flammability in contact with water: non flammable

Pyrophoric properties: non pyrophoric properties

Explosive properties: not explosive

Oxidising properties: no oxidising properties