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P-PP photodegrades in air (the half-life was calculated to be 0.391 days) but will not hydrolyse, nor does it biodegrade. Although the Log Kow is above 3 (3.81) a bioaccumulation study in carp indicates that P-PP has a limited capacity to bioaccumulate (less than 60 fold over the duration of the study). The Log Koc of 2.43 (Koc 273) determined by HPLC indicates that P-PP has a limited capacity to adsorb on to soil and sediment. P-PP is imported into the EU and used at a limited number of sites where it is added to and reacts with resins. After the reaction, P-PP no longer exists. Water is not used in the process nor is it used for cleaning. Direct emissions to water are therefore very unlikely and good practice industrial hygiene will minimise indirect exposure via the air (where some photodegradation is predicted) to water or soil.