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Alkane C6-C8 (even numbered), 1-sulphonic acid, sodium salt is a white solid however it is manufactured and supplied for use as an aqueous solution. Physico-chemical properties were measured using a dried sample of the substance. On heating, the substance starts to decompose at 260 °C, but remained solid up to a temperature of 400 °C. The relative density is 1.238 at 20 °C. The vapour pressure, based on the partial pressure contributions of the two main constituents estimated using MPBPWIN v 1.43 is 2.67 E-13 Pa. The log Kow of the C8 constituent was measured as -0.7 using the shake flask method. This value is taken to represent a worse case for the substance a whole since the C6 constituent would be expected to have a lower log Kow. The water solubility, measured using the shake flask method is 607 g/L. The substance is surface active, with a surface tension of 53.6 mN/m. The self-ignition temperature is 273 °C. The substance is non-flammable, non-pyrophoric and does not produce flammable gases in contact with water. It is not explosive and non-oxidising, based on structure.