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The chemical intermediate "Dioxy Cuite Brute 58%" named "DCB" is a mixture of molecules and mainly composed of 4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol (BPS) and other sulfonated phenol sodium salts (from phenol sulfonic acidand phenol: see section 1.2 of the dossier for the detailed composition).

Data of the intermediate is reported in the product information sheet:

It is a turbid liquid paste, with a pink to red colour at 20 °C.

DCB is soluble in water and a little amount of solvent. The grade of the salification of the components increases the solubility in water.

DCB is in a neutralized form. Therefore, its pH is approximately 7-8.

Some of the phys-chem properties can be estimated from the main component 4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol (BPS), present in the organic part of the intermediate at approximately 48%.

The melting point is 240.5 °C, and the boiling point could not be determined because the substance decomposes at > 315 °C.1 2 3

The vapour pressure of BPS is very low though a good solubility in water is expected, approximately 1 g/L.1 2 3

Measured values of partition coefficient, Kow, are in the range of 1.2-2.36.1 2 3

Measured dissociation constants, pKa, are 7.02 and 8.1 2 3

The flash point of BPS is >= 400 °C and the substance is not flammable.1 2 3


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