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Reference substances

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IUPAC name:
UVCB substance. IUPAC name not applicable.


EC number:
EC name:
Ethanol, 2-butoxy-, manufacture of, by-products from
CAS number:
A complex mixture of oxygenated hydrocarbons produced by the distillation of residues from the manufacture of ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. It consists predominantly of a mixture of di-, tri-, tetra- and pentaethylene glycol monobutyl ethers having carbon numbers predominantly in the range C8 to C14 and boiling in the range of approximately 210°C to 310°C (410°F to 590°F).
CAS number:


Molecular and structural information

Molecular formula:
C4H9(OCH2CH2)nOH where n is typically 3-6
Molecular weight:
ca. 147 - ca. 237
SMILES notation:
CCCC[OCC]nO where n is typically 3-6

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