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Ethanol, 2,2'-oxybis-, reaction products with 3-(triethoxysilyl)-1-propanamine immediately polymerises to amorphous silica (cf. Report 11 -18360/1-14 ; 12-00834/1-14 and 19-04258-2; see 5.1.2 Hydrolysis and 4.27 Additional Physico-chemical information). The decomposition products silicic acid, ethanol, and 2,2'-dioxiethanol are not classified as dangerous to the environment. Hence, the item fulfills the criteria for rapid degradability. Therfore, the persistence criteria are not fulfilled. The properties of the substance therefore do not meet the specific criteria detailed in Annex XIII or do not allow a direct comparison with all the criteria in Annex XIII but nevertheless indicate that the substance is not likely to have these properties and, consequently, that the substance is not considered a PBT/vPvB.