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The registered substance is a solid salt, under a solidified wax form (EC = 952-252-4). It will be most likely available under the dissociated form of Amines, C16-18-alkyl and Phosphoric acid, octadecyl ester.


Ecotoxicity of the registered substance is based on very conservative assumptions where the registered salt is equivalent to the worst case and reliable values found for each endpoint whithin the primary alkylamines UVCB category. Several relevant GLP studies following regulatory guidelines (mostly OECD) are available for the substance Amines, C16-18-alkyl (CAS 90640-32-7), which is raw material for Alkyl phosphate and stearyl amine salts (EC = 952-252-4) synthesis.


Based on the above, the read-across hypothesis is to consider the ecotoxicological properties of the registered substance equivalent to the properties of the UVCB 'Amines, C16 -18 alkyl' CAS 90640-32-7(corrected from the total salt molecular weight when expressing each endpoint values).


Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicological properties of the primary alkylamines (CAS 90640-32-7, UVCB) have been established in the framework of a category approach on primary fatty amines (see category paper justification).

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