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Toxicity to fish:

A 30 % solution of acetoacetamide was tested for toxicity to zebra fish acc. OECD 203 guideline. Nominal concentrations of 500 mg/L, 5000 ml/L and 10000 mg/L were used. After 96 hours no mortality was observed

up to 5000 mg/L. For 10000 mg/L after 48 hours 6 of 10 fish have died and after 96 hours 8 of 10 fish. For LC 50 only a range can be given as LC50 = 5000 to 10000 mg/L and for the LC0=5000 mg/L.

Calculated for the pure substance: LC50 = 1500 - 3000 mg/L.Therefore, acetoacetamid is not subject for classification concerning the toxicity to fish.

Toxicity to daphnia magna:

A short-term toxicity study to daphnia magna was performed with the test item according to OECD 202 and GLP in year 2017.

According to the results of the test, the EC50 (48 h) was determined to be > 100 mg/L (nominal). The corresponding NOEC (48 h) was 100 mg/L (nominal).

A toxicity study to single cell green alga Desmodesmus subspicatus was performed in year 2017 according to OECD Guideline 201 and GLP.

Toxicity to aquatic algae:

Significant inhibitory effects were determined for growth rate and yield at test item concentrations of 100 mg/L (nominal) and 83.8 mg/L (actual).

The overall LOEC was therefore determined to be 100 mg/L (nominal) and 83.8 mg/L (actual), the corresponding NOEC was set at 31.3 mg/L (nominal) and 27.5 mg/L (actual).

Due to an inhibition of all parameters (growth rate, yield) below 50 % the database was weak for probit analysis, hence the EC10-value for yield was

not determined and the EC10-, EC20- and EC50-value for growth rate and the EC20- and EC50-value for yield were considered to be > 100 mg/L (nominal)

and > 83.8 mg/L (actual).

Toxicity to microorganisms:

Testing the growth inhibition of Pseudomonas putida was conducted according to the draft of November 1978 for the standard DIN 38412, part 8 (1991).

The results of testing the toxicity of acetoactamid (approx. 30% solution) on the growth of bacteria Pseudomonas putida cell multiplication inhibition test revealed that the EC10 and EC50 values

of acetoacetamid (approx. 30% solution in water are > 1000 mg/L.

The corresponding EC10 and EC50 values of the pure substance acetoacetamide are > 297 mg/L.

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