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This information will be submitted later based on ECHA communication/decision number TPE/CCH/SEV/D-2114560115-57-01/F. The deadline for submission of the required data is 31 March-2022, due to the high demand for this type of study, it was not possible to perform the study before the ECHA deadline (see attached Letter for ECHA, Phys. Chem. Studies w. analytical is a combined study description for the following studies: Water solubility, Partitioning coefficient and adsorption desorption study).
The adsorption desorption study study started 15 February 2022. The planned draft report date will be 15 May 2022. The final report is expected to be available by the end of June, therefore the expected submission of section 5.4.1 of the dossier will be within one month after the final report date (31 July 2022).

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