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Para-toluenesulfonylchloride is a white to grey organic crystallinesolidwith a characteristic odour.

Water solubilityandpartition coefficientare waived: para-toluenesulfonylchloride is a hydrolytically unstable substance.

Themelting pointof para toluene sulphonyl chloride is 68.1 °C.

Thedecompositionof Para-Toluene Sulfo Chloride starts at 160°C before boiling.

The relativedensityof tosyl chloride is 1.492.

Granulometry: Light microscopic examination revealed that the shape of the product is non-fibrous.By sieving 9.1 %m/m is < 100 µm.

The characteristics of the PSD of the fraction < 100 µm are: d10: 29µm, d50: 80µm and d90 126µm.

The estimatedvapour pressureof p-Toluenesulfochloride is 0.13 Pa at 20°C.

Para-Toluene Sulfo Chloride isnonflammableandnon explosive.

Para-Toluene Sulfo Chloride isnotconsidered anoxidisingsubstance.

According to the criteria in the UN Standard aqueous para toluene sulphonyl chlorideshould be classified ascorrosive.

Para-Toluene Sulfo Chloride shallnotbe considered for classification asself-reactivesubstanceaccording to EC Regulation No 1272/2008 (CLP).

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