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PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

A substance is identified as a PBT substance, if it is regarded as persistent and bioaccumulative and toxic. Likewise, a substance is identified as a vPvB substance if it is regarded as very persistent and very bioaccumulative.


As the substance is not biodegradable (see CSR Chapter 4.1), it may fulfil the persistence (P, or even vP) criterion.

As the substance is classified as toxic for reproduction (category 3), it fulfils the toxicity (T) criterion.


The BCF of the substance of 159 (see CSR Chapter 4.3) is lower than the in REACH Annex XIII specified BCF of 2000, above which a substance is considered to fulfil the bioaccumulation criterion (B). Therefore, neither the conditions of PBT nor of vPvB are met.

Likely routes of exposure:

During manufacturing emission takes place via release to a sewage treatment plant. The sewage treatment plant releases the refined water directly to the sea.

During the processing phase in the mining industry the registered substance is only used under closed conditions. Waste water is fully recycled, only in the wet season minor (excess) amounts are released to the Guadalquivir river. There is no other release to the environment during the processing phase.