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Based on the available data on its physical and chemical properties,11 -aminoundecanoic acid is a white crystalline powder (diameter of particles between 5 and 70 µm) with a melting point of approximately 191°C at normal pressure and a relative density of around 1.17 at 26°C. No boiling point is available because there seems to be decomposition or polycondensation of 11 -aminoundecanoic acid before boiling. The vapour pressure is estimated to be very low (estimation by calculation between 3.85E-02Pa and 2.07E-07 Pa). It is considered as moderately soluble in water based on a water solubility of 800 mg/L, and to have a low potential for bioaccumulation based on a calculated logKow value of -0.16. Its dissociation constants are as follows: pKa1 (amine) = 10.8 -11.15 and pKa2 (carboxylate) = 4.45 - 4.65.

Besides, 11 -aminoundecanoic acid has been shown to be non flammable (EU method A10) and, by deposition on hot surfaces, to not flame spontaneously up to 360°C and to decompose at temperature below 240°C. Based on its chemical structure, 11-aminoundecanoic acid is NOT expected to be explosive nor to have oxidising properties.