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Henry’s Law constant

The calculated Henry’s Law constant of H < 1 * 10-8Pa m3mol-1indicates that volatilisation from surface waters is not expected to be an important process.


Adsorption and desorption in soil and sediment

In a study on the soil sorption and desorption of zinc pyrithione in five European soils by Haberhauer (2002) (, ESPTF 7023-101) conducted according to OECD Guideline 106, very high sorption (Kd > 2100) was obtained for a clay loam. Similar sorption (Kd of 12 to 74) was determined for the other soils. Desorption is much less favoured than sorption, with desorption coefficients of one order of magnitude greater than that of sorption. The values for sodium pyrithione in this test are very similar for those of zinc pyrithione under the same conditions. The mobility of the test substance in soil is therefore low. This study did not identify or quantify degradants.

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