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In the table below the aquatic toxicity data are summarised

 Species  Guideline  Result in mg/L


Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata


EC50 growth rate > 0.49

EC10 growth rate > 0.49

NOEC growth rate >= 0.49

Based on 0-Hour measured test concentration

Key study, Rel 1,

 Daphnia maga

 OECD TG 202

 EC50 48h = 0.43

 Based on geometric mean measured test concentrations


Key study, Rel 1,

 Acartia tonsa   LC50 48h = 2.5  See additional information
 Acartia tonsa  

 5 -day EC50 (juvenile development) = 0.16

EC10 (juvenile development) = 0.036

 See additional information
  Medaka larvae     LC50 96h = 1.97   See additional information

Additional information

Additional available information:

The information on Daphnia magna is leading for hazard and classification and labelling being the lowest value. The information presented below on the marine species and fish is included to complete the available information on Celestolide and has no effect on classification and labelling.


Marine copepods (Acartia tonsa) acute test

A 48-hour acute toxicity test was conducted on marine copepods (Acartia tonsa) with a method that is scientifically valid and somewhat in line with OECD TG 202 using nominal concentrations (Wollenberger, 2003, Kl.2) presenting LC50 = 2.5 mg/L. The concentrations tested were 0.063 - 2.0 mg/L. The LC50 was extrapolated outside this tested range and is above the water solubility and therefore difficult to interpret.


Marine copepods (Acartia tonsa) more long-term test

A larval development test was performed using marine copepods (Acartia tonsa) with a method presenting some limitations because nominal concentrations were used and partly renewal of the medium on day 3 (Wollenberger, 2003). The 5-day EC50 (juvenile development) value = 0.16 mg/L. The EC10 (juvenile development) = 0.036 mg/L. Tested concentration range was 0.015-1.5 mg/L.


Fish acute toxicity test

An acute fish toxicity test (no guideline used) using 24-h-old medaka larvae gives a 96-h LC50 value of 1.97 (1.87–2.08) mg/L.