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Physical & Chemical properties

Endpoint summary

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Description of key information

Physico-chemical properties of registered substance were determined from experimental testing. Some endpoints were waived, based on chemical structure.

The substance is a white powder at ambient temperature, with low volatility. It is soluble in water.

Surface-active properties are not expected.

It has no potential for bioaccumulation (log Kow<0.3).

It is not classified as hazardous with regard to physical hazards (flammability, explosivity, oxidising properties) based on CLP criteria.

Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties:


 Appearance (visual)

 Registered substance is a white powder at 20 °C and 1 atm.

 Melting point (OECD 102/EU A1, DSC)

 No melting point was recorded, the test item overflowed and blackened.

 Boiling point (OECD 103/EU A2, DSC)

 No boiling point was recorded under nitrogen atmosphere, the test item overflowed and blackened.

 Density (OECD 109/EU A3, pycnometer)

 The density of test item was determined to be 753.7 kg/m3 at 24.5°C.

 Vapour pressure (OECD 104/EU A4, effusion method weight loss)

 The vapour pressure of the test item is largely lower than 10-3 Pa at 20 °C.

 Log Kow (OECD 117, A24,HPLC method)

 The partition coefficient n-octanol/water of the test item was stated as < 0.3.

 Water solubility (OECD 105, A6, flask method)

 The water solubility was determined as 350 g/L at 30°C (pH=8).

 Surface tension (waiving)

 Waiving (based on structure, surface activity is not expected and surface activity is not a desired

property of the material)

 Self-ignition temperature (waiving)

Based on the weight of evidence approach, no self-ignition is expected for this substance.

 Flash-point (waiving)

 The flash point of test substance was waived (study does not need to be conducted because occured during the melting point study).

 Flammability (EU A10/UN method N1)

 Not considered to be flammable.

No ignition in contact with flame. No propagation in contact with a flame: not a flammable solid (CLP/


No hazardous reaction anticipated if contact with air or water, based on chemical structure and

experience in handling and use.

Explosive properties(data waiving, based on chemical structure)

 Neither explosive nor self-reactive properties are anticipated

 Oxidising properties (data waiving)

 No oxidising properties are anticipated

 Particle size distribution (laser diffraction)

 The median diameter was calculated at 17.0 μm

 Organic peroxides (waiving)

 Not a peroxide

 Self reactive substances (waiving)

 Not a self reactive substance

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