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MDI-DPG-TPG is a viscous brown liquid at all temperatures associated with its manufacture, storage, and use. Although the substance has a reported measured melting point of 39 °C, indicating that the material would be a solid at ambient temperature, this melting point was obtained on crystallized material.

Crystallization is ocuring during the melt point determination due to exposure to very low temperatures in the first phase of the test

The substance has a low vapor pressure of 0.00416 Pa at 20 °C, and starts to decompose at 258 °C. before reaching the boiling point. The MDI-DPG-TPG substance has a density of 1.21 g/cm3 at 25 °C, and is insolulbe/reactive in water. Because of this reactivity, the octanol-water partition coefficient cannot be measured directly. However, based on the estimated log Pow for the 4,4'-MDI component of 4.51, and because the the DPG and TPG reactants will contribute to increased log Pow, all components of MDI-DPG-TPG would theoretically have log Pow > 4.5. The substance has a flash point of 211 °C, and auto-ignition temperature of 506 °C. These properties, along with lack of pyrophoric, explosive, and oxidizing functional groups, indicate the substance to present low hazard based on physical/chemical properties. The MDI-DPG-TPG substance is highly viscous, with a measured dynamic viscosity of 141.2 mPa*sec at 20 °C.