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sub-chronic toxicity: inhalation
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No signs of toxicity were observed in rats inhaling 180 ppm isooctanol (maximal achievable concentration) 6 hours/day for 13 days (Gage, 1970). No maternal toxicity was seen after inhalation for 19 days of near saturated vapor concentrations of 840 ppm 1-hexanol, 200 ppm 2-EH, 65 ppm 1-octanol, 25 ppm 1-nonanol, or 15 ppm 1-decanol in a developmental toxicity study using pregnant rats (Nelson et al., 1990). It is not reasonably expected under actual use conditions for exposures to low volatility substances to be present at saturated vapor concentrations for any extended period. Containment and other technical measures prevent such vapor concentrations during manufacturing and use activities. Site measurements with direct-reading devices are used to ensure low exposure conditions.

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