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Guidance on Safe Use

Guidance on Safe Use

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Administrative data

First-aid measures

Emergency measure - Inhalation: Seek medical attention immediately. Show the labelling or
Emergency measure - Eyes: Rinse immediately with large quantities of water. Seek
specialist attention.
Emergency measure - Skin: Wash immediately with large quantities of water.
Emergency measure - Ingestion: Seek medical attention immediately. Show the labelling or

Fire-fighting measures

Recommended extinguishing agent: Recommended extinguishing agents: Foam, powder and carbon
dioxide are suitable extinguishing agents.

Product arising from burning: Products arising from pyrolysis: Carbon oxides and soot
will be formed.

Protective equipment: Protective equipment: Fire fighters should wear standard
protective equipment for fighting chemical fires.

Accidental release measures

Emergency measures in case of spillage: Absorb on inert material and sweep up (see item 2.3.1).
Place in a suitable container for disposal.

Handling and storage

Handling: Ensure adequate exhaust ventilation, avoid inhalation of
vapour. An eye wash station should be located near the
place of work.

Storage: Store in original container in a well ventilated location
away from light.

Transport information

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Marine transport (IMDG)

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Air transport ICAO/IATA

Transport: RTMD (Surface transport in France): Class 3 - Group 30357 -
Danger code 30 - Material code ,1993, Label 3 RID/ADR:
Class 3 - Code number 31 - Danger code 30 - Material 1993,
Label 3 IATA/IMDG: Not applicable, dangerous substance
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Stability and reactivity

Danger other than fire: Other dangers: None reported

Chemical reaction with water: Chemical reaction with water: None reported

Disposal considerations

Industry - Possibility of recovery/recycling: None, no substance recovered in normal use (French c.a.

Industry - Possibility of neutralisation: None (French c.a. summary)

Industry - Possibility of destruction: controlled discharge: Not recommended.

Industry - Possibility of destruction - incineration: Recommended method, an approved facility should be used.

Industry - Possibility of destruction - water purification: Not recommended.

Public at large - Possibility of recovery/recycling: The substance will not enter the public domain.