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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Melam has a low solubility in water, it is a rather stable substance in the environment, but it is not bioaccumulative and has a low adsorption potential to soil or sediment.

According to Column 2 of Section 9.3.4. in the Annex X of REACH "Further testing shall be proposed by the registrant... if the chemical safety assessment according to Annex I indicates the need to investigate further the fate and behaviour of the substance. The choice of the appropriate test(s) depends on the results of the chemical safety assessment. "

Melam is neither classified nor is it a PBT or a vPvB substance. The chemical safety assessment CSA therefore does not need to include a risk assessment and therefore does not indicate the need for further testing.

It is concluded that the results of further investigations on the environmental fate and behaviour of the substance are not essential for classification or for the chemical safety assessment.