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Physico/Chemical Properties of DEGDB

  • Appearance/physical state: clear colourless liquid (at room temperature).  
  • Melting point/freezing point:Freezing point: 24°C(297K)
  • Boiling point: Not determinable; DEGDB decomposes above 230°C (503K) without boiling.
  • Relative density: 1.20
  • Vapour pressure: 1.3 x 10-7mmHg at 25°C (1.8 x10-5Pa); 3.2 x 10-6mmHg at 50°C; 5.1 x 10-4mmHg at 100°C.
  • Henry’s Law Constant: 7.0 x 10-10atm.m3/mol
  • Water solubility at pH 7: 38.3 mg/L
  • Partition coefficient (HPLC method): Log10Pow= 3.2; Equivalent Kow= 1.6 x 103
  • Pyrophoric properties of liquids & solids: Non-pyrophoric
  • Explosive properties: Not explosive
  • Oxidising properties: Not oxidising
  • Auto-ignition temperature (liquids): None below 400°C
  • Flash point: 199°C (closed cup)

Note that certain of the determined physico-chemical properties of DEGDB, specifically boiling point, vapour pressure and water solubility, may be influenced to some extent by the impurities present.