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Stability with regards to hydrolysis was assessed.

Testing was not carried out according to Method C7 of Commission Directive 92/69/EEC and Method 111 of the OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals, 13 April 2004 for the following reasons:

·         The test material is a complex mixture and the hydrolysis guidelines are not suitable for the assessment of mixtures.

·         The test material has a very low water solubility value (<1.86 x 10-2mg/l). As the hydrolysis guidelines require an initial solution concentration of less than half the water solubility, the test concentration would be even lower.

·         Even though a sensitive analytical method using GC-MS was developed and the test material extracted from water for the water solubility test to increase the limit of detection, negligible test material was observed on analysis. The limit value was calculated from predominant matrix peaks and baseline noise over the elution time period of the test material.

·         Potentially, due to such a large number of peaks in the chromatography any hydrolysed larger test material components could co-elute at the same time as smaller components. This would then interfere with quantification of the test material parent molecules.