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The hydrolytic stability of the test item, Reaction mass of disodium N,N'-[(2-hydroxy-5-nonylphen-1,3-ylene)bis(methylene)]bis[N-methylaminoacetate] and sodium N-[(2-hydroxy-5-nonylphenyl)methyl]-N-methylaminoacetate, was assessed at a GLP accredited laboratory according to the OECD Guideline 111, “Hydrolysis as a function of pH” (Fox, 2019).


Test systems consisted of buffer solutions at pH 4, 7 and 9 treated with test item at nominal concentrations of 50 mg/L. Test solutions were incubated in the dark at 50.0 ± 0.5°C for a period of 120 hours. Duplicate samples were taken for test item concentration analysis (via HPLC-UV) from test solutions at 0, 24 and 120 hour periods.


The estimated half-life and rate constant (in parentheses) of the test item at 50°C were 399 hours (1.74E-3 h-1) and 117 hours (5.93E-3 h-1) at pH 7 and 9, respectively. The test item was hydrolytically stable at pH 4, showing <10% hydrolysis after 5 days at 50°C (equivalent to a half-life >1 year at 25°C).

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