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In the 48-hours acute toxicity test with Daphnia magna the 48 h EC50 value was determined to be higher than 87.3 mg/L, and the 48 h NOEC was determined as 87.3 mg/L. The results are based on the measured, calculated test item concentrations.

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Significant toxic effect was not observed during the non-GLP preliminary range-finding test, therefore only one test concentration (100 mg/L) and one control group was tested in a limit test. The measured concentrations deviated more than 20 % from the nominal therefore the geometric mean of the measured concentrations was calculated in order to determine exposure concentration. The corresponding calculated geometric mean concentration was 87.3 mg/L. The quantification of the test item was performed by a previously validated analytical method by the analytical laboratory of TOXI-COOP ZRT. Samples were taken and analysed from the test concentration and the control at the start, before and after the renewal and at the end of the experiment. The measured concentrations of the test item varied between 75 and 102 % of the nominal concentration. There was no immobilisation in twenty daphnids exposed to either test item treated or control group. In addition to immobility, no abnormal behaviour or appearance of test animals was detected. The measured test item concentrations at 24 hours (before renewal) and at the end of the test differed more than 20% from the nominal 100 mg/L value, therefore geometric mean was calculated. The geometric mean was calculated to be 87.3 mg/L. Accordingly, the 48-h NOEC was determined as 87.3 mg/L. The 48-h EC50 and LOEC were determined to be higher than 87.3 mg/L.