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Summary of relevant physico-chemical properties of the ISOPENTYRATE:




ISOPENTYRATE is a colourless clear organic liquid at 20 °C and 1 atm.

Melting range

The freezing point of ISOPENTYRATE could not be determined down to – 38 °C according to the criteria of the guidelines used.

Boiling point

ISOPENTYRATE started boiling at 176.4 °C (449.6 K) at normal pressure (101,325 kPa).

Relative density

The relative density of ISOPENTYRATE was determined to be D20/4 = 0.8689.


not applicable (liquid)

Vapour pressure

The Vapour Pressure (Vp) of ISOPENTYRATE was predicted to be 160 Pa at 25°C with a 95% interval limits of 146 to 175 Pa.

Log Kow

The log Kow value of ISOPENTYRATE was predicted as follows : 3.4.

Water solubility

The Water Solubility of ISOPENTYRATE was predicted as follows : 155 mg/L. with 95% confidence limits = 132-182 mg/L at 20°C. Therefore the substance is considered as moderately soluble.

Surface tension

The surface tension of an aqueous solution of ISOPENTYRATE (90% of the saturation solubility) was determined to be 65.7 mN/m at 20 °C.

Based on the criteria as outlined in the EC Guideline and the results of this study, ISOPENTYRATE is considered as a non-surface active substance.

Auto-ignition temperature

ISOPENTYRATE has been determined to have an auto-ignition temperature of 375 °C.



The flash point of test substance was determined to be 57.5 °C with a continuously closed cup flash point tester.

ISOPENTYRATE is considered to be flammable liquid (category 3)

No hazardous reaction anticipated if contact with air or water, based on chemical structure and experience in handling and use.

Explosive properties

ISOPENTYRATE is not to be classified as explosive material, based on chemical structure.

Oxidising properties

ISOPENTYRATE is considered to have no oxidizing properties, based on chemical structure.