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study technically not feasible
Justification for data waiving:
the study does not need to be conducted because the substance is a solid
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data waiving: supporting information

Combining three handbook results, calcium nitrate could be described as white to colourless cubic hygroscopic crystals (anhydrous form) or deliquescent granules (tetrahydrate form).

Physical state at 20°C and 1013 hPa:

Handbooks used:

-The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (80th ed.) describes calcium nitrate (anhydrous) as white cubic hygroscopic crystals.

-The Merck Index (12th ed.) describes calcium nitrate tetrahydrate as deliquesc granules.

-Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials (9th. ed.) describes calcium nitrate (anhydrous) as colourless cubic hygroscopic crystals.

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