Registration Dossier

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Total tonnage band

Total range:
≥ 1 000 to < 10 000 tonnes


Registered as:
Joint Submission

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Chemical safety assessment

Performed for this substance:

Registrants / suppliers of the substance open all close all

Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
CS Regulatory Ireland Ltd. in its legal capacity as Only Representative of LANXESS Corporation Alexandra House The Sweepstakes D04 C7H2 Dublin Ballsbridge Ireland 2010
HH Compliance Ltd. Rubicon-Building, CIT-Campus Bishopstown none Cork Cork Ireland 2018
NYCO-STPC Zoning Industriel de Tournai Ouest 1 B-7503 Froyennes Belgium 2013 2021
REACH24H CONSULTING GROUP Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Dublin18 Dublin Ireland 2020
Solutia Europe BV Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 707 9000 Gent Belgium 2013

Registration Numbers open all close all

  • 01-2119514443-48-0000
  • 01-2119514443-48-0001
  • 01-2119514443-48-0002
  • 01-2119514443-48-0003
  • 01-2119514443-48-0004

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