Registration Dossier

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Description of first aid measures:
Remove contaminated or saturated clothing.

If aerosol or mists are formed:
Move victims into fresh air.

Skin contact:
Wash off with plenty of water.
In case of discomfort: Supply with medical care.

Eye contact:
Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water keeping eyelid open.
In case of persistent discomfort: Consult an ophthalmologist.

Have the mouth rinsed with water.
After absorbing large amounts of substance:
Consult a physician immediately.

Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed:
Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed:
If substance has been swallowed:
Possible potassium ions poisoning.
Danger of:
Heart palpitations, disturbances of the central nervous system, drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrest.
Gastric lavage
Acceleration of gastrointestinal passage
Administration of activated charcoal.
Monitoring of electrolyte metabolism, correction of acid-base balance, cardio-vascular monitoring.

Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media:
All extinguishing substances suitable.

Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture:
The product itself does not burn.
May be released in case of fire:
Hydrocyanic acid
Flammable smouldering gases
Sulphur dioxide
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Special protective equipment for fire-fighters:
Wear personal protective equipment.
In the event of fire, wear self-contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures

Environmental precautions:

Methods and material for containment and cleaning up:
Pick up mechanically with a suitable material and collect in a suitable container.
Dispose of absorbed material in accordance with the regulations.

Handling and storage

Precautions for safe handling:
No particular measures required if used correctly.

Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities:
Protect from frost.
Store only in suitable, anti-corrosive liquid fertilizer storage tanks.

German storage class:
12 - Non Combustible Liquids

Storage stability:
10 - 20 °C

Transport information

Land transport (ADR/RID)

Shippingopen allclose all
Not dangerous according to transport regulations.

Inland waterway transport (ADN(R))

Shippingopen allclose all
Not dangerous according to transport regulations.

Marine transport (IMDG)

Not dangerous according to transport regulations.

Air transport ICAO/IATA

Not dangerous according to transport regulations.
SpecialProvisionsopen allclose all

Exposure controls / personal protection

Control parameters:
Remarks: No substance-specific limiting value being known.

Other information:
None known.

Personal protective equipment:
Respiratory protection:
No particular measures required.

Hand protection:
Glove material: Nitrile, for example: Dermatril 740, Kächele-Cama Latex GmbH (KCL), Germany
Material thickness 0.11 mm
Break through time > 480 min
Method DIN EN 374
Glove material: Natural rubber (NR), for example: Cama Clean 708, Kächele-Cama Latex GmbH (KCL), Germany
Material thickness 0.5 mm
Break through time > 480 min
Method DIN EN 374

Eye protection:
Safety glasses with side-shields.

Hygiene measures:
No eating, drinking, smoking, or snuffing tobacco at work.
Wash face and/or hands before break and end of work.
Do not swallow product. Keep clothes separate.
Immediately change moistened and saturated work clothes.

Protective measures:
Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practices.
If there is the possibility of skin/eye contact, the indicated hand/eye/body protection should be used.

Stability and reactivity

Possibility of hazardous reactions:
No dangerous reactions are known to occur with correct handling and storage.

Disposal considerations

Disposal according to local authority regulations.
Waste to be packed like clean product and to be marked. Identification label on packages not to be removed until recycling.

Waste Key Number:
0707 99 Waste n.o.s. (EU)